1. Advent


Dear friends of the IMAGO!

We bring colour and light into the IMAGO Studio and hold it against:

The grey of the overcast days and the ongoing building site -tristesse on Moritzplatz.

Our topic is:

White – the colour of winter.

On each of the four Advent weekends we show different photographic works that literally illuminate the theme of white in all its facets.

From portrait to still life – all photographs are taken in the IMAGO Camera. Each picture is unique on silver gelatine direct positive paper, analogue and at a scale of 1:1. And, if you are looking for a gift for Christmas, you can buy one of either gendre right away.
(Prices on request by mail or direct in our art room)


Art Room open Fri 12 am to 7pm and Sat 12 am to 6 pm (and on request) on:

29th & 30th November, 6th, 7th,13th,14th, 20th and 21st December 2019.

Self-portrait appointments (or purchase of voucher) are also possible on these weekends.

Just inquire or book through our website.

Our Opening Times in December:

Mo, Thu, Fri    12:00 bis 19:00
Tue, Wed         14:00 bis 19:00
Sat                    12:00 bis 18:00

Out of opening hours on request:
oder telefonisch: 030 52132617