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Portrait photography Berlin

IMAGO is more than a camera. IMAGO is an experience. The only walk-in large-format camera in the world. It is created for the self-portrait and indulges our yearning for the great and unique. With Imago you discover the beauty of photography and the pleasure of your own portrait. Its unbelievable size of 7 x 4 x 3 meters makes it the giant of all cameras. And every portrait that is conjured up gives you an artistic view of yourself. The IMAGO Camera is the analogue revolution of portrait photography and its product is the ultimate portrait.

The self-portrait

The aura of the IMAGO captivates you, arouses your inner self, challenges your creativity, puts you in the right light and immediately banishes you onto silver gelatine photo paper. The light packages that touch you when you release the shutter draw your image in the dark room. Just 10 minutes later, you are holding your life-size full-body portrait in your hands. Each portrait is an original, an irreplaceable unique piece. 60 x 200 cm, black and white and 1: 1. A contemporary document, a true statement.

The process

Step into your corpus and into a dialogue with yourself. Close the door, open your senses and press the trigger for your very own self-portrait. No one who demands a smile from you. You alone take over the direction, make your picture with the help of a page-right mirror, which shows you as your counterpart sees you. You become photographer and photographed in one person. IMAGO breaks with viewing habits, reduces to the essential and makes the unique unmistakably visible.
Portraits for
& groups
IMAGO is an artistic experience. In it, the human being is at the center. You have the opportunity alone, as a couple, with friends, in the family or as a group to make your own portrait under your complete control. The IMAGO team accompanies you with a feeling for the realization of your personal portrait. Only thing needed: the willingness to get involved in the IMAGO. Because the scope for development of the IMAGO is limitless, inwards and outwards everything is possible, from a simple direct approach to one\’s own self, to a dazzling presentation. Every dialogue with the IMAGO turns into a session in which new worlds open up. There are not many moments in life when center-standing and understatement fit so well together.
Light figures shape the light
And the same goes for the portraits. Their size and immediacy impress in direct sight. The exhibited portraits make the Berlin studio a gallery at the same time. Over the years, a series of unique characters have emerged here. Jonathan Meese, Lary, Wim Wenders, Angela Winkler, Eva Mattes, Tim Raue, Megaloh, Nick Cave and countless others have already created a picture of themselves. And you are invited to continue this series.

Portrait photography in the heart of Berlin

Portrait photography in the heart of Berlin Our studio is located in the middle of Berlin Kreuzberg. In the construction house on Moritzplatz, overlooking the Prinzessinnengärten. This is where the IMAGO Camera has its home. Here you can visit, learn about the invention and rediscovery, and immediately experience the physical dimension. Because the power of IMAGO lies in the analog realm it is tangible and palpable.

IMAGO portrait photo as a gift

The IMAGO session is the perfect gift for special people. Whether self-portrait, group portrait, family portrait or team session. We put together individual vouchers or packages according to your wishes.
„ Pictures of unique aesthetics“
History & Photo Paper
In 1970, the researcher Werner Kraus gets an unusual job. For Daimler-Benz he is to photographically document the combustion in the Wankel engine. Werner Kraus develops an extremely fast lens which reproduces the process on a scale of 1: 1. He immediately recognizes the artistic potential of this unique optical system. Together with sculptor Erhard Hößle, he launches an unprecedented project that combines science, art, craftsmanship and spectacular self-awareness. He builds the IMAGO Camera. In 2005, Susanna Kraus takes the original 1970’s IMAGO Camera out of the Neue Sammlung der Pinakothek der Moderne in Munich and brings it back into operation. For more than 25 years the camera was kept in Munich by Professor Florian Hufnagl, the head of the new collection. The production of the special Direct Positive Paper, indispensable for the operation of IMAGO, was discontinued in 1978, so Susanna Kraus sets out on a quest. Eventually, in 2006, she persuades ILFORD Switzerland to re-start the production of the silver gelatine black and white photo paper and Ilford adds its legendary Ilfochrome look. This reactivates the IMAGO Camera. A contemporary photographic medium with a timeless character. First relaunched exclusively for IMAGO, IMAGO Direkt Positiv Papier is now a popular paper among photographers for large-format photography. The special IMAGO and HARMAN Baryta Direct Positive Paper are available here in our shop.
IMAGO Camera