Dear friends of IMAGO!

And still we are … It is amazing! Time, it feels like between being awake and dreaming, it passes us by and yet it stops.

Even if it is slowly getting more and more difficult to earn our daily bread due to the current Corona situation, we had to delete all booked Christmas IMAGO sessions from our calendar with a heavy heart, December as with so many should actually be the strongest month in sales, I now of course have all the more relaxed time and, above all, the desire to conjure up great IMAGOgrams with you in the IMAGO Camera; if you are one family or one household. In the IMAGO Studio in the construction house on Moritzplatz, you will only meet me and a well disinfected IMAGO Camera.
 If you have decided not to go anywhere in person in the near future, you can purchase a guaranteed virus-free voucher for an IMAGOgram from us and give it away for Christmas; I’ll be happy to send it to you by post. Call us or just write to us. 
(Valid for 2 years from purchase)



we also thought to take advantage of our free time and producing a special Christmas series with of photo frames with the IMAGO camera.  They are all different, each one unique, in black and white and of course in 1: 1 IMAGO size. If you like them, you can reserve one for you or – even better – you bring us some utensils, accessories, flowers, grasses, vases, small sculptures…. whatever you can think of, and we will make your personal photogram out of it This might be a unique present for Christmas and a nice way to support our IMAGO team.(The dimensions of the finished photogram can be from 20 x 30 cm to 60 x 100 cm.)

Wishing you the best for this unusual Christmas time. 
We look forward to seeing you!
Stay healthy!

Susanna and IMAGO Team