Advent 2021



Dear friends of IMAGO,


a turbulent year is drawing to a close. From the total lockdown until late spring, which of course also affected IMAGO, was followed by a fast-paced, busy and funny time with the young generation of Berlin star and promi chefs, who on October 17th with a preview of the exhibition “anderenBLICK” and a gourmet evening by and with more than 20 of these ‘cooking artists’ and protagonists of the exhibition, reached its climax.

It was a feast for everyone; for the guests, the cooks and, last but not least, for us who have set up this exhibition and this evening.

I am so happy that it was possible and I would like to take this opportunity to thank my partners Andreas Langholz and Michael Hummel again for this wonderful collaboration.


Christmas is right before the door and we don’t know what the next few weeks will be like. I would like to inform you all, that we at IMAGO Camera are of course here for you. We still do portrait sessions and sell vouchers.

On the basis of the 2G+ rule, you can of course also book us for small family celebrations for a portrait session.

So come on, use the IMAGO Camera to take a life-size portrait. Enjoy this unique experience of designing your own self-portrait or give away a voucher for Christmas. And if you worry too much to leave the house, you might find a Christmas present here in our new online shop:


We are there and await you.

Please register in advance at:

+49 30 52132617


In this sense,


let’s hope that next year…

the virus will find us too boring…

and will just disappear…


Have a nice Advent time everyone!


Susanna and IMAGO Team