Berlin is what you make of it!

Dear friends of IMAGO,

We would like to inform you about the following exhibition:

the Berlin city magazine mein/4 is celebrating a big charity summer party on

18 June 2023 with 400 invited guests, including numerous celebrities, at the Königstadt Brewery, Prenzlauer Berg, under the motto “Berlin is what you make of it!”.

We are very pleased to be able to support this important campaign artistically with 10 IMAGOgrammes which will be shown for the first time at the summer festival.

In a 12-month touring exhibition, ten celebrities* will show, on life-size IMAGO portraits, what commitment means for our city. For this, they entered the IMAGO Camera as godmother or godfather together with a representative of a Berlin organization. Our “Berlin celebrities” thus represent thousands of volunteers who are committed in and for Berlin. With the exhibition, we want to set an example and promote (more) commitment among Berliners thereby advancing this vision together.


You can find an insight into this action in the following article:

If you want to support this action and be part of the Summer Party Charity please send a message to the organizer and initiator of mein/4

Markus Beeth

mobile: 0176/31144630

or directly to IMAGO Camera

0172 3104885

Susanna Kraus and IMAGO Team