At the nexus between art and aesthetics, science and technology, self-awareness and adventurousness we design and implement numerous formats for businesses and institutions…

Corporate Events
An encounter with the IMAGO camera is an extraordinary experience, each IMAGOgram an object of lasting value. The physical appearance of the camera as well as the uniqueness of the IMAGOgraphy will fascinate you at first glance. Surrounded by restaurants, clubs and conference rooms at Moritzplatz, IMAGO Berlin offers you the space for a tête-a-tête during a special company event.

Inside the IMAGO Camera, those portrayed are their own photographer, and making a group photo requires real team efforts. Additionally, we offer you a personalized format, with which you and your team can see and explore each other from new perspectives.

Product and Brand Campaigns
The aesthetics of the IMAGOgram offer an engaging picture language. It can serve as the starting point for visually unique campaigns. The pictures will be ideal for your website, the new collection or visual brand campaigns.

Experience Moritzplatz
The area around Moritzplatz has seen the rise of an active cultural scene, which reconquers this historical place and shapes city life. With the experience of the IMAGO as a starting point, we trace inspiring encounters between art, music, the creative economy, new spaces and modes of working, city gardens, and club and bar owners in our format “Experience Moritzplatz”. Guided by one of its initiators, you will receive insights into the planning and implementation of this much talked about urban development project.

Art Events
Every IMAGOgram is a wok of art, created by lightening designers in search of expressing their creativity. IMAGO is a platform for creative expression, exchange and intervention, for exhibitions and symposia.

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Corporate Event

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