The IMAGO Photour Camera mobilizes the IMAGOgraphy for new encounters. Worldwide.

Conceptualized in 2013 and built in 2014, the IMAGO Photour is the mobile
version of the historic IMAGO Berlin Camera, equipped with the identical technology in a transportable design.
The walls of IMAGO Photour which has a weight of 800 kg are made partly of fabric frames, and partly of individually tailored modules of anodized aluminum.
They can be folded, transported and set up elsewhere within one day.

The IMAGO Photour has been built to be deployed around the world and serves
as a companion for various different places and occasions.
It can be used in museums and galleries, can enrich festivals and
art events or serve as a crowd puller for companies and campaigns.

The camera is an interactive art object and can provide a highly-attractive experience in the realm of portrait photography wherever it is located. The professional operation of the camera will be guaranteed. Leasing, purchasing a license or buying the IMAGO Photour are also possible.

IMAGO Photour_Susanna Kraus(c)Anengret Kohlmayer

IMAGO Photour 14_(c)Annegret Kohlmayer

IMAGO Photour_Leipzig(c)Anengret Kohlmayer

IMAGO Photour_Shanghai

Aufbau2_IMAGO Photour(c)Annegret Kohlmayer

Aufbau3_IMAGO Photour(c)Annegret Kohlmayer

Aufbau4_IMAGO Photour(c)Annegret Kohlmayer

Aufbau5_IMAGO Photour(c)Annegret Kohlmayer