2. December 2017

IMAGO Christmas Special

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In the colourful and exciting pre-Christmas-time we again offer you the opportunity to acquire and enjoy our spectacular black and white portraits. We would love to carry you away into the empire of IMAGOgraphy with the following three analogue parcels packaged especially for you. With no time pressure, in an atmosphere of absolute privacy and, if wished, with a bottle of wine, you have, between 2.12. and 23.12. 2017 and for € 666, the choice between the following sessions:

  • – 2 full-body-portriats, á 62 x 200 cm
  • – 1 full-body-portriat 62 x 200 cm &  2 half-portraits, á 62 x 100 cm
  • – 1 full-body-portriat 62 x 200 cm &  3 close-up portraits, á 62 x 72 cm

The Christmas special is also available as a voucher* for later use – the ideal Christmas present!

And, of course, you can always purchase the IMAGO Classic, the IMAGOgram, for € 370. This, of course, is also available as a voucher.
If your prefered package is not in here, feel free to contact us. We can make possible almost every wish…

We are looking forward to meeting you at IMAGO Camera’s place and we wish you a marvelous Christmas time!

* voucher is valid 12 Months


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