Experience IMAGO Camera

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Days are getting shorter, autumn moves into the country and with it the time for a review of past months.

Interesting encounters have taken place. Add pure emotions to the design of your own self-portrait – a little adventure and the joy of experiment:

Because IMAGO is more than a camera. IMAGO is an experience. The only walk-in large-format camera in the world. It is created for self-portraiture and serves our longing for the great and the unique. With her you will discover the beauty of photography and the desire for your own portrait.

We relaunched the website, many new pictures can be seen and, of course, all information about self-portraits.

Let yourself be inspired!


Here’s a tip for the coming time: what about the ultimate gift for family, friends, couples and soloists? Both direct appointments for portrait sessions and vouchers for future use are possible gifts.

For small events, corporate events and Christmas celebrations around the IMAGO Camera please contact us.

“… life means change, but this moment remains! …” a quote from our guestbook.

And when will you experience the IMAGO Camera? When will you come to Moritzplatz – we look forward to more encounters.