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The Photopaper

Our portraits are printed on IMAGO Direct Positive Paper, a black and white silver gelatine photo paper. With a super-glossy surface the paper captivates with sharpness, high contrast and an excellent tonal gradation. The paper is exposed directly, without any intermediate negative, and developed in a classic black and white process.
When we brought the IMAGO 2006 back to life, there was no suitable paper available. The reversal technology had, by the end of the seventies, already disappeared from the market due to the emerging digitization of photography. After a long search, we were able to persuade ILFORD Switzerland to reissue the photo paper and, hence, were able to preserve the technology and the related knowledge for posterity. ILFORD gave the paper its legendary ILFOCHROME look. In order to have the product permanently available for IMAGO we, in 2015, secured this special direct positive technology. Today, HARMAN TECHNOLOGY has taken over production for us in England. This gives us the security of being able to produce and offer the paper for the long term.
IMAGO Direct Positive Paper
Super gloss surface for sharpness and high contrast
HARMAN Direct Positive Barytpaper
225 g / m2 grammage for particularly high archival stability
– Punch Cameras
– Large format cameras
– photograms in the darkroom
– Exposure of black and white slide negatives
IMAGO Camera