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The mobile future of IMAGOgrafie
an idea goes around the world
The mobile future of IMAGOgrafie – an idea goes around the world. In 2014, IMAGO presented the first successor to IMAGO Camera – the IMAGO Fotour. The mobile future of the IMAGO project, with a modular design for ease of handling and mobility has all the accessibility of its predecessor and remains steeped in the Imago history. With the IMAGO Fotour we bring the unique self-portrait experience to selected museums, galleries, special cultural venues and art festivals throughout the world.
The IMAGO Fotour was developed over several years by the initiator Susanna Kraus and her team. The actual construction of this participatory art object was undertaken by her son, the boat builder Jakob Kraus. His design was based on one of the original models from the 1970s by the sculptor Erhard Hößle. While remaining true to the IMAGO principle, we were able to significantly advance the imaging capability and handling of the camera.
Weighing in at 800kg the IMAGO Fotour is a lightweight compared to the 3 ton original camera. The walls are partly made of fabric stretched on frames, partly of custom designed modules of anodized aluminium. The entire assembly can be packed, transported and assembled and dismantled within 2 days.
The simplified handling and adaptability makes the IMAGO Fotour the all-rounder of portrait photography. The craziest and largest analog photobooth ever built allows one the ultimate \”selfie\” in life size and black and white. The spectrum of images ranges from the close-up at 1: 1, to the 2-meter head to foot portrait and from the single to the group portrait. Every 15 minutes a finished work can be developed and is ready to go.

The mission of the IMAGO Fotour is to bring this special form of self-portrait into the world at large by making it accessible to as many people as possible. Since its creation, the IMAGO Fotour has already captivated many visitors with its special talent for transposing character and situation to a high impact image. The interactivity of the process enlivens any institutional environment. The IMAGO Fotour is, indeed, a proven crowd puller.
For IMAGO Fotour showcases and long-term collaborations, we normally work with a local partner. The modularity and versatility of the IMAGO Fotour makes it possible for us and the partner to tailor the installation to perfectly complement the individual idiosyncrasies of each exhibition venue. From an exhibition over several weeks to a permanent installation, everything is possible. Not only do designers and artists benefit from the photographic versatility on offer, they also have the opportunity to design a completely new outer shell to adapt the IMAGO Fotour to their particular environment. Thus, the IMAGO Fotour can fit equally well into historical or modern arenas embellishing any venue with its unique appearance – a focus of attraction!

All technical details of the IMAGO Fotour can be found here:
„ … until I realized that this machine is alive and only develops its power and uniqueness when it serves someone congenial.“
Florian Hufnagl
  • 2014

    Faces of Rotterdam

    Premiere of the mobile camera IMAGO Fotour DE Rotterdam, Rotterdam, The Netherlands

  • 2015

    10 years spinning galleries

    Germany premiere Camera IMAGO Photour in Leipzig, Germany

  • 2015/16

    Blackout, exhibition tour

    in cooperation with Memorieslab Ltd., Shanghai, China

  • 2020


    a Fashion series by Esther Haase photographed with the IMAGO Camera as part of the European Month of Photography Berlin, IMAGO Artspace Moritzplatz, Berlin, Germany

  • 2021


    Berliner Köch*innen 2021 im Selbstportrait“, a photographic project of Susanna Kraus, Andreas Langholz und Michael Hummel, the exhibition at Fabrik23 on the 17.Oct. 2021 together with a Culinary Vernissage, created and presented by more than 20 chefs from the German capital. Berlin

  • 2022

    WE! ARE! HERE!

    A photographic “Nevertheless!” on the occasion of the 80th anniversary of the Wannsee Conference commemorated on January 20th, 2022.
    Survivors of the Holocaust and their descendants, in 15 full-length, life-size, portraits,
    together with their thoughts on the Wannsee Conference. A project of of History & Dokumentation e.V, the historian Dr. Julien Reitzenstein and Susanna Kraus / IMAGO Camera.

  • 2022

    Staged Realities

    experimental photographs, Group exhibition in the Gallery Mutter Fourage, Berlin

  • 2023

    Berlin is what you make of it!

    Touring exhibition of life-size photographs of representatives of the associations with their prominent sponsors in various locations in Berlin in cooperation with the Berlin city magazine mein/4.

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