Dear friends of IMAGO,

the IMAGO Camera has been open again for almost a month. The few first portrait sessions since then have been a real pleasure and the results are impressive! The engagement with ones own creativity, required here, and the artistic view of oneself, which one receives with the IMAGOgramm, finally led us to other thoughts and contents.

And yet a lot is different, people are missing, life is missing!

Unfortunately there are far too few inquiries. The guests from other German and European cities who like to book an IMAGO portrait session as part of a stay in Berlin are missing. The Berliners are still very reserved. It would be very sad if IMAGO did not survive this crisis. We were able to master many challenges in all the years since the rediscovery of the IMAGO Camera in 2006 and write a success story. We don’t want to give up!

Therefore to all IMAGO fans:

  • Tell your friends and acquaintances about the extraordinary IMAGO camera and the large instant photo black and white portraits.
  • Make a life-size family portrait and give it to the grandparents so that they can have you with them in a handsome size!
  • Book an IMAGO session to take stock after the crisis….
  • Spend an afternoon / evening with friends and / or family in the IMAGO art room, treat yourself to this experience as a compensation for an unusual summer vacation on the beach.
  • Gives away a voucher for an IMAGOgram.

We are here in any case and look forward to an IMAGO session with you!

Register at
+49 30 52132617
or via the website

Susanna Kraus and IMAGO Team